You're Invited to our Wellness Seminar For Mums:

"How to care for your skin, diet & core"

Wednesday 19 September 7.30pm

We are all mums ourselves. So we have harnessed our collective expertise to bring you an information-packed and interactive session on caring for your skin, nutrition and tummy during this exciting and life-changing time of your life.

Our Seminar is not just for first-time mums, it is relevant for all mums and mums-to-be, who are keen on understanding the changes to your skin, taste-buds and tummy when you become a mum! How you can nourish your skin, understand ways to nourish your body and how you can prevent or reduce stretch marks and abdominal separation during and post-pregnancy.

Introducing our Expert Speakers...


Charlotte Jordans is OWNER OF MY LILLI PILLI

Charlie, originally from Scandinavia, is a self-proclaimed
MEGA-GEEK-MUM of three (read: scientist in lab-coat with big fat glasses without any sense of fashion, who tried to teach her 18 months old daughter about photosynthesis …).

Besides being a mum, she’s a passionate biochemist. After falling pregnant with her first child, she quickly realised that there was a lack of safe skincare specifically for the skin changes that often happen during pregnancy – this was when My Lilli Pilli was born. Now she loves formulating beautiful skincare products and educating and empowering women to make informed choices when it comes to beauty, health and well-being.



Kate is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian with a passion for Women’s Health, Sports Nutrition, Diabetes management and Oncology.

She works within a Non-diet approach to help you tune into your body to improve your health and wellbeing. Kate is a mum to 3 youngsters, so (in addition to her 16 years as a practicing Dietitian) she has plenty of practical and hands-on experience regarding pregnancy to share.



Claire commenced her career as an Engineer - but soon realised that she preferred fixing people to machines - and has spent more than 10 years working in health & wellness.

Claire is the co-founder of Aleenta BARRE and a qualified Pilates Instructor, Barre Instructor and personal trainer. Claire, and her business partner Kylie, created No Mummy Tummy after Kylie struggled to fix her abdominal separation post the birth of twins.

Enter the Tupler Technique®️, the only scientifically proven method to treat Diastasis Recti. Kylie & Claire have brought this Technique to Australia with the trainer-led No Mummy Tummy program.

We have now treated many, many women and helped them heal their abdominal separation with our proven exercise & post-recovery program.


Wednesday 19th September 7:30pm

Aleenta BARRE Burnside Village
Seminar Price: $25

Burnside Village Shopping Centre, Suite i, Balcony Level, 447 Portrush Road, Glenside SA 5065
(just above BUPA)

Every attendee receives a goody bag & the chance to win the door prize valued at $500 (including Massage, Skincare Pack, No Mummy Tummy Personalised Consult & much much more!)