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About: The Birth Of No Mummy Tummy

Hi there - we have both been where you are now. Pregnant and worrying about stretch marks, how big your belly is going to get and what the aftermath will be like... I want to share with you my story.

I gave birth to twins 5 years ago (a few years after my first-born) and was told "you are going to need surgery to fix your tummy". I was exercising and continually getting back pain and having to stop - it was a vicious circle. I then started looking into how to fix my mummy tummy and on-going lower back pain.

I thought my only option was surgery which I was not at all keen on. All I really knew was that my tummy was 'flabby' and not like it was pre-kidlets :( After researching it, I discovered I had a condition called "Diastasis Recti" and there were actually exercise programs to fix it. I didn't need surgery at all. Woohoo!

The program which kept coming up in all my research was the Tupler Technique. You google 'Diastasis Recti' and this is the benchmark program.

After 3 weeks on this program, I couldn't believe the results. After seeing results so quickly I was super motivated - I could see where I was heading.

About Us

I Love This Program For 3 Key Reasons:

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Week 1 and Week 6 of the No Mummy Tummy Program.

1. I LOVED wearing the splint. This surprised me the most. It made me feel 'normal' again. It was comfortable and supportive, I looked slimmer and it was a constant reminder that I was doing the program helping me to stick with it. It also supported my lower back.

2. Having someone cheer me on, hold me accountable, and most importantly ensure I was doing the exercises correctly was worth every penny. I know that I'd still be saying "tomorrow" if I didn't have a coach, but more importantly, they would check I was performing the exercises correctly to ensure I was doing them effectively.

3. Most importantly – I love love love the results.

I am not particularly vain, but I completely underestimated feeling comfortable in my own skin again, of putting on clothes and not trying to hide my tummy. Don’t get me wrong - I wholeheartedly celebrate the miracle of what my body has achieved and that I was able to birth 3 gorgeous little humans, but they also stretched my body to epic proportions.

About Us

I found this program so life-changing that I could not believe that it was not offered more broadly around Australia and set out to share this amazing program with the women of Australia.

With my business partner, Claire Bastow, we are now the distributors for the Tupler Technique® here in Australia.

Claire is a mum (to little Joshie), a Chemical Engineer, Pilates and Barre Instructor – and now one kick arse Diastasis Recti Coach, trained by Julie Tupler herself in New York. Claire is our Master Trainer and has truly found her calling.

We can’t wait to see your results too. We would love to hear your story. Please send us an email to

Kylie & Claire x

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