Weak abs after baby

Weak abs after baby

Do you have weak abs after baby? You’re not alone. The pressure a baby places on your rectus abdominal muscles weakens the connective tissue which stretches the recti muscles apart. The constant intra-abdominal force can create weak abs after baby, resulting in a sore back, a ‘pooch’ tummy or instability through your core.

I’m guessing if your reading this, you are here to find out how you fix your weak abs after baby. The answer is correction, strengthen and prevention. The No Mummy Tummy programs teach you how to strengthen weak abs after baby in four steps.

  1. Wearing a splint to encourage healing of the connective tissue, therefore bringing the recti muscles together to improve weak abs after baby
  2. Protecting and strengthening the muscles to ensure you know how to use the transverse muscle correctly during exercise, therefore improving weak abs after baby
  3. Moving diastasis safe
  4. Doing prescribed exercises correctly to strengthen your weak abs after baby, rather than making it worse (Pilates 100’s, crunches, bicycle crunches- Yes, these are the worst exercises you can do if you have separation).

The No Mummy Tummy programs can assist you to reduce weak abs after baby. Our Trainers can work with you one-on-one or in a group setting to reduce abdominal separation, strengthen your core and transverse awareness to be able to undertake classes and further exercise.

No Mummy Tummy also offer MumCore Classes to encourage safe movement and return to exercise. If you have weak abs after baby, our MumCore Classes will teach you how to engage your transverse correctly, providing you with knowledge of what exercises will help weak abs after baby and/or help with your weight loss, tone or strengthening goals.

We are running MumCore Classes from Feb 2018 at Burnside and Glenelg twice a week, so if you are sick of your weak abs after baby, and want to regain strength, feel free to book in with one of our Trainers. They will be able to check your diastasis and enrol you in one of our programs to reduce your weak abs after baby and gain back your confidence.

The No Mummy Tummy Program is suitable for pregnant and post-pregnant women who feel they have weak abs after baby or looking to reduce weak abs after baby.

If you would like more information on what program/class is suitable for you to help with your weak abs after baby, visit or contact the head office team on 1300 217 372.