Tupler Technique Splint

Tupler Technique Splint

Yes, me too. I had no idea what the Tupler Technique Splint was when I first started on my fitness journey. I then became a mum, and still didn’t know what a Tupler Technique Splint was. Fast forward about six months ago, and I finally learnt what it was. A Tupler Technique Splint is a splint which takes the stretch off the stretched connective tissue and places the recti muscles closer together to heal. I remember looking at the Tupler Technique Splint for the first time and thinking, “what the?!” I was so confused, and even more, confused about how to put it on. It did take me a few times to get it right, but when I put the Tupler Technique Splint it felt like I was giving each side of my insides a great big hug and putting everything in place; where it was supposed to be. This was when I knew that it was something special. Something none of the other splints, compression bandages or binders claimed to be. (it sounds like I'm describing a loved one or some love interest).

The Tupler Technique Splint is worn to protect and position the connective tissue in the proper way and to aid healing of the connective tissue. It teaches the client to move in a safe and exercise-friendly way. How? Well, when wearing the Tupler Technique Splint, you move in a different way. It is a physical cue not to bend over and pick something straight off the floor. It teaches the clients to bend with their knees and pick something up. The Tupler Technique Splint doesn’t allow you to undertake any crossover movements or flare your ribs; as the Tupler Technique Splint will physically move.

The Tupler Technique Splint supports the lumbar spine and takes pressure off the back, allowing the core to be strengthened when moving or doing exercise. The Tupler Technique Splint looks like it means business. It has three bands to move the connective tissue in place and be secure, but not provide pressure to the connective tissue.

The Tupler Technique Splint is an integral part of the No Mummy Tummy program. They are a registered product of the Tupler Technique and one of the only certified products to be used in the treatment of Diastasis Recti. The Tupler Technique Splint is used to put the connective tissue in a better position to heal, taking the stretch off the overstretched connective tissue. This makes the ‘gap’ narrower and promotes closer and strengthening.

Our No Mummy Tummy utilises Tupler Technique Splint in a four-part program to reduce the abdominal separation. The nine-week programs (trainer or individually led) teach you how to properly move safely without stretching or damaging the connective tissue and exercising properly whilst always wearing the diastasis splint. The Tupler Technique Splint is worn 24/7, except to bathe, to ensure the connective tissue is always kept in the proper position for quicker healing.

You can start any No Mummy Tummy diastasis recti treatment program at any age, regardless of when you had your children. Even when pregnant it is recommended to start wearing a Tupler Technique Splint from the second trimester to keep the connective tissue in the proper position.

If I have sparked your curiosity and would like to try on a Tupler Technique Splint, please contact No Mummy Tummy on 1300 217 372 or email