June 20, 2018 3 min read

I completed a kettlebell course the other day, and I met a really nice gentleman in the class. We started talking about our backgrounds, and I mentioned that I had trained to complete a No Mummy Tummy course and help women reduce their abdominal separation. I wish I could explain the look on his face. It was a mixture of confusion, shock, and disappointment. He then told me, “Oh, my wife just had a Tummy Tuck for Diastasis Recti six months ago. She’s so happy with the result, but it has left her with weak abs, stretched skin and a lot of pain. It’s also left a hole in my wallet.”

I was pleased for his wife but also disappointed that she had to have a Tummy Tuck for Diastasis Rectito fix her separation. There was a clear, less invasive way of actually fixing the underlying issue. I was disappointed for her because she could have saved money and actually fixed it properly. From what it sounded like, the Tummy Tuck for Diastasis Rectimay not have actually fixed the problem but only masked it.

This is the problem. Nobody actually knows about how to fix it without having to resort to Tummy Tuck for Diastasis Recti.It’s sad, and I am here to hopefully shed some light on the options out there for women. You don’t need to resort to a Tummy Tuck for Diastasis Recti.Sure it’s the quick fix (fixing only the surface issue- not the underlying and side effect symptoms), but it has lasting repercussions. Whilst ‘rehab for your abdominals’ may take longer- imagine fixing your back issues, pelvic floor incontinence, strengthening your abdominals and pelvic floor for more kids and actually feeling secure, toned and tighter. I know I would.

This is exactly how No Mummy Tummy was founded. A Tummy Tuck for Diastasis Rectwas thought to be the only option for one of the co-owners of No Mummy Tummy. She had done all the forms of exercise recommended to her. She had tried planks, pilates, the gym and compression garments all to no avail. After refusing to have a Tummy Tuck for Diastasis Recti,she stumbled upon a technique which treated the stretched connective tissue by using a four-step program. This program or rehab for the tummy muscles helps to protect and strengthen the recti muscles. This is done in four steps:

  1. Exercising safely
  2. Wearing the diastasis splint
  3. Protecting and strengthening the core
  4. Moving diastasis safe

By using the above four steps, women can heal their stretched connective tissue, learn to protect it by wearing a diastasis approved splint and move and exercise in a safe manner.

No Mummy Tummy is one of the leading Diastasis Recti treatment programs in Australia. I am hoping that the knowledge and option of less invasive treatment will catch on like wildfire. Too many women have no other option than to get a Tummy Tuck for Diastasisand I’m here to tell you that there is an option!!

The treatment is suitable for pre (prevention), and post-pregnancy women through a nine-week one on one trainer led program. You will learn how to heal, protect, strengthen and move safely to ensure you do not have to investigate a Tummy Tuck for Diastasis Recti.

To find a No Mummy Tummy Location or sign up for our free seminars visit www.nomummytummy.com.au or send the team an email at hello@nomummytummy.com.au.

For more information about options other than Tummy Tuck for Diastasis, the trainer led consults, group classes or programs; please contact the No Mummy Tummy Team on 1300 217 372.