Tummy Support In Melbourne

Tummy Support In Melbourne

My tummy. Oh, how I love and hate you at the same time. I can be completely toned and still be conscious of how I sit up, bend over and scrunch my tummy in every situation imaginable. I won’t even go into how uncomfortable ‘intimate’ time is with my husband. If he was to even touch around my tummy, that’s me done. It’s like it becomes the enemy that you would rather avoid looking at, or acknowledging it- even though you know, it is always going to be there. This is when I am toned and thin too! (I should write a poetic piece about the relationship of me to my belly. I’m sure it would get a few laughs.) 

I am actually going over the Melbourne soon, and I must make sure I pack my slimming undies and Diastasis Recti Splint to provide me with some Tummy Support in Melbourne. I’ve got to make sure that all the clothes I try and buy (it’s Melbourne obviously. What else do you do in Melbourne than shop until you drop) actually fit me and look good. No one wants that muffin top happening or a feeling of having no Tummy Support in Melbourne whilst wearing a killer pair of jeans or pants.

I remember being measured by the master trainer of the No Mummy Tummy program. She was the Master Melbourne Trainer for the No Mummy Program. She wore the Tummy Support in Melbourne Diastasis Recti Splints and was getting some great results.

We were learning to be Trainers in the program for Tummy Support in Melbourne program. We all had to be measured, and when she said that my ‘biggest’ part of my separation was at the top of my stomach- I was mortified. Mortified for two reasons. First, I had worked damn hard to get to where I was in my fitness journey. I had spent a little over twelve months slamming myself in the gym and doing as many Aleenta Barre classes as I could in one week to get the body that was lying down, exposing her tummy with pride. In one second, I remember feeling shattered and embarrassed. This is why we were undergoing the program. This is why the program existed. To provide Tummy Support in Melbourne where there had been none before.

So what actual Tummy Support in Melbourne for Diastasis Recti is there? No Mummy Tummy. The most suitable Tummy Support in Melbourne for pregnant mums are those that are run by qualified trainers in abdominal separation. The most effective Tummy Support in Melbourne for pregnant mums are those who provide correction to the medical condition first; healing and correction of the connective tissue and recti muscles before educating you on the importance of safe movement, and how to protect and strengthen your core. Only then should exercises or further programs for pregnant mums be introduced.

No Mummy Tummy’s Tummy Support in Melbourne for pregnant mums don’t just stop there. We provide follow-on programs for pregnant mums such as our MumCore Classes. The No Mummy Tummy Tummy Support in Melbourne for pregnant mums are suitable for pregnant and post-pregnant women.

If you would like more information on any of our Tummy Support in Melbourne programs for pregnant or expecting mums, visit or contact the head office team on 1300 217 372