July 13, 2018 3 min read

Oh, how I need Tummy Support in Adelaide. Sometimes I look down at my stomach, and right below my rib cage, it sticks out. Now, living in a state of denial, I blame it on Tim Tams and cake I may have consumed on the weekend (I like to forget this part).

I remember being measured by the master trainer of the No Mummy Tummy program. We were learning to be Trainers in the program for Tummy Support in Adelaide.We all had to be measured, and when she said that my ‘biggest’ part of my separation was at the top of my stomach- I was mortified. Mortified for two reasons. First, I had worked damn hard to get to where I was in my fitness journey. I had spent a little over twelve months slamming myself in the gym and doing as many Aleenta Barre classes as I could in one week to get the body that was lying down, exposing her tummy with pride. In one second, I remember feeling shattered and embarrassed. I remember feeling angry at her, telling me that I had nearly 4cm. I had a measurement of zero under my belly (which I had thought was my biggest part of my stomach- but turns out that was just fat) and I was embarrassed than me, out of all fit people had a separation. It was mortifying, but also very humbling and realistic. This is why we were undergoing the program. This is why the program existed. To provide Tummy Support in Adelaidewhere there had been none before.

So many women, going it alone. Fighting their bodies and fitness journey’s, never actually reaching that stage where they can look down and be happy. It was my epiphany at that moment that I knew, I had one, so many more women were suffering in silence; without any Tummy Support in Adelaide.

I had a friend who underwent surgery because of a hernia she experienced during her second child. The way she described the whole experience (let alone all of the side effects in which she experienced after) was the reason I was taking the training.

What I learned through the program for Tummy Support in Adelaidewas that men, yes men can even get it. I even learned that kids could develop it! It actually makes a lot of sense now- given that I do have separation. I was training in the 2000 Olympic squad in gymnastics. I trained morning and night, sometimes six days a week. I was doing a backbend and posing each and every day. I also did swimming all the way through my youth. These activities almost guaranteed that I would develop an abdominal separation. Plus having two kids- that almost certainly determined the fact.

So what actual Tummy Support in Adelaidefor Diastasis Recti is there? No Mummy Tummy. The most suitable Tummy Support in Adelaidefor pregnant mums are those that are run by qualified trainers in abdominal separation. The most effective Tummy Support in Adelaidefor pregnant mums are those who provide correction to the medical condition first; healing and correction of the connective tissue and recti muscles before educating you on the importance of safe movement, and how to protect and strengthen your core. Only then should exercises or further programs for pregnant mums be introduced.

No Mummy Tummy’s Tummy Support in Adelaidefor pregnant mums don’t just stop there. We provide follow-on programs for pregnant mums such as our MumCore Classes. The No Mummy Tummy Tummy Support in Adelaidefor pregnant mums are suitable for pregnant and post-pregnant women.

If you would like more information on any of our Tummy Support in Adelaideprograms for pregnant or expecting mums, visit www.nomummytummy.com.au or contact the head office team on 1300 217 372