August 08, 2018 3 min read

I saw the ad on facebook just yesterday of the Adelaide Trainer; Clair Holmes taking to her audience about Tummy Check Appointment Adelaide.I did actually think I should even book myself in for you to see what my diastasis recti measurement was following all of the decreases in barrel training and increase in the gym training. I know that I have been doing exercises wrong, and I confess to you that I may not have been moving in the most diastasis safe way lately; probably leading to my diastasis recti measurement going back to more than four. (its almost like I don’t want to know what it is).

If you have had, or do have a weak core after having kids, then you might need to get checked for a Diastasis. I had various physical symptoms which lead me to believe that I had Diastasis Recti and needed a Tummy Check Appointment Adelaide.Many clients have complained about lower back pain or even pelvic incontinence (been there- done that. Never skipping again). You might even blow up (the point of looking pregnant again) after having food. You might need a Tummy Check Appointment Adelaide.You could be the fittest person and still have any or all of these symptoms. I was a fit Barre Instructor, and I had a diastasis at the top of four cms.

In hindsight, I should have known I had one. I just didn’t feel together. I felt a little podgy (even with a toned stomach), and it just had a little bulge remaining that I could not shake. Whilst undertaking training in diastasis recti I had a Tummy Check Appointment Adelaide.Sure enough, due to my years of gymnastics, swimming I probably had one all along. All I needed for it to get bigger were two kids and it going unnoticed until now.

If you have had any of the high-risk indicators such as:

  • You have had more than one child, twins or triplets
  • A C-section or abdominal surgery
  • As a child, you danced / did gymnastics, or you do regular yoga or Pilates
  • You have a prolapse or hernias

You most likely need to have a Tummy Check Appointment Adelaideto see how wide/deep your separation is.

In order to get a Tummy Check Appointment Adelaide,you can do this in two ways. Enter your details on and enter your name and email to receive a free copy of the ’10 signs you have diastasis recti’ and free ‘how to’ guide to check yourself. If you feel nothing (and your not alone if you don’t. I did mine wrong for about three months) you can then choose the Tummy Check and Ultrasound option. This option will allow you to have an ultrasound to accurately tell you how many cms you have in three locations along the ridges of the abdominus recti muscles and give you information about how to heal your body; no surgery or invasive methods.

For a personalised consult, please visit to select your trainer and find a suitable method to have a Tummy Check Appointment Adelaide.If you could alleviate your separation and secondary symptoms would it be worth it?

Book in to have a Tummy Check Appointment Adelaidewith Clair in South Australia or Claire in Melbourne (confusing I know), or to see how you can check yourself, visit or call No Mummy Tummy’s head office today.  Their number is 1300 217 372, Level 1, 255 Rundle Street, Adelaide, SA 5000. Visit for more information.