September 29, 2018 2 min read

With an amazing atmosphere, restaurants and exercise classes available, Melbourne has it all! It’s busy and bustling with options and opportunities. Until recently I didn’t really know what impact the medical field was having over there until my brother moved there to study medicine. He has opened my eyes to the amazing care and opportunity for medical advance Melbourne has to offer. One of these areas is the allied health industry. I know this because the Master Trainer for NMT (No Mummy Tummy) resides and practices there. She runs the Melbourne branch and conducts Testing For Diastasis Recti Melbourne.Whilst traditionally you could use your fingers to Testing For Diastasis Recti Melbourne,technology has somewhat changed and now is more accurate than ever. In Adelaide and Melbourne, you can book in for a Tummy Check where they will confirm whether you have a Diastasis Recti separation. They will give you all the information you require to help reduce your separation and eliminate secondary symptoms. So how do you know whether you need to have Testing For Diastasis Recti Melbourne?

Most women know their tummy doesn't look or feel right. This is the best indication you have one.

Some women, but not all, will experience symptoms which may include:

  • Lower or mid-back soreness/tightness particularly after exercise or at the end/start of the day.
  • Pelvic floor incontinence
  • An outie belly button - even though you can still have one if it's an innie.

Other high-risk indicators are:

  • You have had more than one child, twins or triplets
  • A C-section or abdominal surgery
  • As a child, you danced/did gymnastics, or you do regular yoga or Pilates
  • You have a prolapse or hernias

As part of the Testing For Diastasis Recti Melbourne,you will have an ultrasound to check if you have a separation, and then be presented with an explanation of DR, its side effects and how to fix it. This service is available in Adelaide and Melbourne for a small fee of $59.00.

If you said yes to one or more of these, the best way to check if you have one, or how big it is, is to come to a seminar where you get free Testing For Diastasis Recti Melbourne.

No Mummy Tummy is the only Pregnancy Program in Melbourne that provides pre-and post-programs for pregnant mums, which includes one-on-one or group consulting. The pregnancy prevention programs are held over nine weeks to ensure you strengthen your core, reduce the likelihood of abdominal separation or reduce the risk of complications in birth such as C-sections, abdominal surgery or hernias.

At one of our seminars, Testing For Diastasis Recti Melbourne is conducted by the Master Trainer Claire. Support and options available to decrease any abdominal separation and reverse weak abs after baby. Testing For Diastasis Recti Melbourne will educate you on what Diastasis Recti is, and how to treat it.

To find a No Mummy Tummy Location where Testing For Diastasis Recti Melbourneis available, sign up online or send the team an email at