March 05, 2018 2 min read

It was not even yesterday that I was looking on the No Mummy Tummy Facebook page and saw a comment about our video. It said, “can’t a diastasis only be fixed by surgery?” The answer to this post was a huge, absolutely not! A diastasis can be fixed through non-surgical methods. There is a major misconception that the only way to fix it is through surgical repair of diastasis recti.

Until recently, this is what so many women actually believe. That the only way to fix it is through surgical repair of diastasis recti. The No Mummy Tummy program has pioneered the way in Australia to finally have alternative options to such invasive, high-risk surgical repair of diastasis recti. Whilst not a quick fix, the No Mummy Tummy Trainers assist women 1:1 to prevent or decrease or potentially eliminate the size of their diastasis.

Surgical repair of diastasis recti was thought to be the only option for one of the co-owners of No Mummy Tummy. She had done all the forms of exercise recommended to her. She had tried planks, pilates, the gym and compression garments all to no avail. After refusing to have a surgical repair of diastasis recti, she stumbled upon a technique which treats the stretched connective tissue by using a four-step program. This program or rehab for the tummy muscles helps to protect and strengthen the recti muscles. This is done in four steps:

  1. Exercising safely
  2. Wearing the diastasis splint
  3. Protecting and strengthening the core
  4. Moving diastasis safe

By using the above four steps, women can heal their stretched connective tissue, learn to protect it by wearing a diastasis approved splint and move and exercise in a safe manner. This would illuminate the need for surgery- despite your allied health practitioner saying that surgical repair of diastasis recti was your only option!

So before you reach for your surgeon's number and book in a surgical repair of diastasis recti, consider treating the underlying issue- the stretched and separated connective tissue. By naturally treating your abdominal separation, you may reduce your other symptoms and promote strength in your abdominal wall, particularly if you are looking to have more children.

No Mummy Tummy is one of the leading Diastasis Recti treatment programs in Australia. We treat pre (prevention), and post-pregnancy women through a nine-week one on one trainer led program. You will learn how to heal, protect, strengthen and move safely to ensure you do not have to investigate surgical repair of diastasis recti.

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The No Mummy Tummy Programs are suitable for pregnant and post-pregnant women. Even if you have been told there is no other option but surgical repair of diastasis recti- please call us for more information about Diastasis Recti Repair, Trainer led consults, group classes or programs. We can be contacted on 1300 217 372.