Protecting Your Connective Tissue While Caring for Your Kids

Protecting Your Connective Tissue While Caring for Your Kids

One of the most difficult issues for mums trying to heal their diastasis recti is how to heal while also looking after their baby or children. 

Closing a diastasis is all about healing your connective tissue. So you must be kind to your connective tissue in order to heal it!   No Mummy Tummy Programs are founded on the Tupler Technique® which heals the connective tissue three ways:

  • Positioning it in a better position to heal
  • Protecting it from getting stretched
  • Strengthening the transverse muscle

    We must protect the connective tissue from getting stretched. To prevent this you must wear the Diastasis Rehab Splint® all the time, bring your transverse muscle to 5th floor before you move and put your hand on your belly when you are bending over to prevent the weight of your organs from putting pressure on your connective tissue. 

    How do you then pick up children? If your child is mobile, have them get up on the couch or chair so they are picking them up without having to bend over. As you know bending over is not a good position for your connective tissue to be in. Remember to bring your transverse to 5th floor of course before you pick them up.  It is best not to have your child laying on the floor. But if they are and your child is not mobile, and not heavy, you can lower one knee down, lean over with a flat back, engage your transverse, bring your child close to your body and bring yourself back up. You may want to be close to a piece of sturdy furniture you can hold on to when getting up.

    Now on to holding your child. Holding your child in your arms close to you do not put the same amount of weight on your connective tissue as does wearing a front-loading baby carrier. A vertical front-loading baby carrier where all the weight is pressing on your connective tissue will also stretch it going backward. Holding your child on one hip is not a good idea as it will shortly put your body out of alignment and cause other aches and pains.  Always best to hold them in the middle so the weight is equally distributed in your body.

    If possible put the railing of the side of the crib down before bending over to pick up your child with a flat back and you're transverse in at 5th floor.  I talked about putting your hand on your belly when you bend over to protect your connective tissue. If you cannot use your hand try putting a pillow on the railing to protect it when you bend over to pick them up.

    Remember with all activities, protect the core and take the stretch off the connective tissue!