February 01, 2018 3 min read

One of our main concerns, when we get pregnant, is getting bigger. If you’re anything like me, you were googling how to prevent tummy stretching during pregnancy within the first few weeks. Or you went to the chemist and bought a whole tub of Bio Oil in the attempt and hope that you could prevent tummy stretching during pregnancy.

I hate to burst your bubble a little, but a human baby is growing inside of you and stretching your skin to accommodate their growth (particularly in the third trimester)- you are going to grow! But you can prevent tummy stretching during pregnancy, or at least the amount of stretch which is placed on your abdominals with the help of the No Mummy Tummy Program. To prevent tummy stretching during pregnancy, you must protect and strengthen the transverse muscle of the abdominals. Strengthening this muscle will not only help to eliminate the stretch on the connective tissue (or linea alba) but protect your core, lower back and assist with delivery when it comes time to meet your miracle.   

Strengthening these muscles may reduce the amount of stretch which occurs in the connective tissue. Strengthening of the transverse also plays an integral role in the protection of your core. Engaging you're transverse and keeping it engaged may reduce intraabdominal force on the connective tissue and may reduce the size or stretch which occurs over time on the connective tissue.

When we flare or apply intra-abdominal force to the connective tissue (think any downward positions, planks, down-dogs, cat cows etc.), we apply force downwards. When baby starts to grow, this pressure increases, and so does the stretch of the connective tissue; leading to diastasis recti.

To prevent tummy stretching during pregnancy, you should protect and strengthen your core. This will prevent tummy stretching during pregnancy but also allow for an easier birth, faster recovery, reduction in the need for interventions such as c-sections or abdominal surgery and help recovery post-baby. That sounds amazing right?!

Prevention is always easier and preferable to treat in comparison to post pregnancy treatment. We want to avoid you developing diastasis recti, or prevent tummy stretching during pregnancy. 33% of women have abdominal separation from their first, 66% from their second almost 100% in subsequent pregnancies! Wouldn’t you like to NOT be one of those statistics? You can reduce the chances of developing one by undertaking one of the No Mummy Tummy Packages.

If you are a motivated woman who exercises regularly and is very self-disciplined, then the self-starter package may be for you. Complete the program without a Trainer and follow the steps through the program to reduce or even eliminate the chances of getting an abdominal separation.

If you would like guidance, support and want to know more about how your core works and how to protect it, then a Trainer led program would suit you more. The No Mummy Tummy packages will provide you with four private consults with a trainer through weeks 1-9, and all the information/equipment you need to prevent tummy stretching during pregnancy.

The program is suitable for any pregnant woman in their second trimester all the way through to birth. Once you have given birth, you can continue with the program until your diastasis is closed. For some women, the program will finish at birth as you would have saved your abdominals from developing Diastasis Recti.

If you would like more information on how to prevent tummy stretching during pregnancy or have any questions visit www.nomummytummy.com.au or contact the head office team on 1300 217 372