January 24, 2018 2 min read

Are you a pregnant women looking to prevent stretch marks?

The idea of stretch marks and abdominal separation would scare anyone. The idea that our bodies won't be the same after pregnancy- who wants that!

Well, there is a solution. No Mummy Tummy. The No Mummy Tummy Program can assist you to strengthen your core, eliminate abdominal separation and reduce or even stop or reduce stretch marks occurring.

So if you are a pregnant woman looking to prevent stretch marks through your pregnancy- it’s time to get involved with the No Mummy Tummy Program. Our Trainers  will teach you the four fundamentals of protecting and strengthening your core;

  1. Exercising safely
  2. Wearing a diastasis splint
  3. Protecting and strengthening the core
  4. Moving diastasis safe

Would you believe that many of us risk separation and stretch of our connective tissue! If you ever did yoga, gymnastics or swimming you might have a separation and not even know it. Ensuring you protect your core from stretch will alleviate any problems post-baby. It takes about nine weeks on the program to learn exactly how to protect your belly from stretch marks and prevent stretch marks.

Here’s a question. Wouldn't it be nice to look down and your baby and be totally consumed by the miracle you created, rather than be distracted by your belly and protruding stomach and stretch marks?

Many of our clients are pregnant women looking to prevent stretch marks and we advise them that stretch marks are genetic however our Program can help reduce them because by doing the Program you carry smaller, meaning your tummy stretches less.

It only takes nine weeks to do the Program which will help you prevent stretch marks.

The No Mummy Tummy Program is suitable for pregnant and post-pregnant women.

If you would like more information, visit www.nomummytummy.com.au or contact the head office team on 1300 217 372.