January 25, 2018 2 min read

Some mums or mums to be are scared of weight gain they cannot lose.  We have seen many mums rush back to Pre-Postnatal classes and go crazy in order to lose those baby kilos.  All those insatiable cravings may need to come off at some stage?

However, bootcamp and HIIT and Pre-Postnatal classes shouldn’t be in the same sentence. After birth, we need to be kind to our bodies and do the right exercises or we could be doing more damage than good.

The real question we need to ask before exercising after birth is, are these Pre-Post natal classes diastasis safe?

If you research the effect of some Pre-Postnatal classes type exercises on the rectus abdominus and connective tissue, the answer could be no.

Too often mums rush back to Pre-postnatal classes after having a baby, assuming we are in the safe hands of our Pilates instructor or yoga teacher seeking guidance on how to lose all that baby weight. Throwing ourselves into planks, crunches, Pilates 100's, toe taps and even sit-ups.

 I am here to I burst your bubble and tell you some Pre-Postnatal exercises classes could be  making it worse! Some of you wouldn't be surprised by this, as it provides you with an answer to the question "why have I still got this tummy pooch!" Some of you wouldn't believe me and I don't blame you. We are told by physios, gynaecologists, paediatricians and obstetricians that going back to these exercises will assist you!

I am here, as a qualified Diastasis Recti Trainer to tell you- crunches and intra-abdominal exercises like planks and Pilates 100's are amongst some of the worst exercises you can do. Why? It is impossible to hold your transverse muscles in doing these exercises. If you have abdominal separation, you must ensure you are doing diastasis safe exercises to promote closer of your recti muscles and healing of the connective tissue.

Now you're probably confused, alarmed and wondering what IS safe. We have created Pre-Postnatal Classses that are diastasis safe called MumCore. These are held at Burnside and Glenelg at Aleenta BARRE Studios.

The No Mummy Tummy MumCore Classes are suitable for pregnant and post-pregnant women.

If you would like more information, visit www.nomummytummy.com.au or contact the head office team on 1300 217 372