January 30, 2018 3 min read

You received the most amazing news- you were pregnant! After you told people of your amazing news, you probably experienced heartfelt congratulations, presents and people offering to lift, move or cook things for you. What you may not have expected is all the advice you get- welcomed or not.

In my case, I use to hear “welcome to the life of no sleep,” “here’s to growing fat and eating whatever you want,” “now your life’s over,” “you will just need sleep when they sleep,” “sleep as much as you can now, because you will never sleep like this again.” My friends and family sound great, don’t they! Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. I did, however, receive an amazing gift from my brother and his wife. An Endota voucher. In the card, it wrote- congratulations, but remember you need some Post Pregnancy Recovery as well. It made me cry. Someone was still thinking of me. I wasn’t even thinking of me. But hey- that’s being a mother right? Wrong. (In my opinion anyway) We have to think of our Post Pregnancy Recovery too. We are our babies world from the moment we give birth to the moment we pass. But when do we ever think of our own Post Pregnancy Recovery?

We should, and I am going to tell you how to. Here are my five top tips for ensuring we get enough Post Pregnancy Recovery time:

  1. Post Pregnancy Recovery Tip #1: STOP – yes. Stop. Whether it's for ten minutes or one whole hour (wow- an hour) time is precious and when baby sleep – you too or at least sit-down and rest. We take breaks in our full-time jobs and why you shouldn’t! Taking care of a baby is a full-time job, and then some.
  2. Post Pregnancy Recovery Tip #2: Ask for help. Yes, we are superwomen and ingrained in us is this ability to think we have to do everything, be everything and have everything sorted. I say pfffft to that! This only leads to burn out, exhaustion and our mental health disappearing with the nappies and trash we have accumulated. Ask for help- people are more than happy to come over and hold the baby, do the housework, cook for you or even bring your I didn’t, and I saw my enthusiastic self-disappear- all because I was too stubborn to ask for help.
  3. Post Pregnancy Recovery Tip #3: Don’t move or exercise too soon. Shock horror- but our ‘bit’s’ get pulled, stretched and even cut when baby is delivered. So take your time to ice, rest and recover. Don’t insist on making lunch, dinner, nibbles or tea and coffee when people come and visit. Tell them where the kettle is and tell them to get it themselves. It’s not offensive! You have just spent hours in labour with a 3 + pound baby being pushed out- give yourself a break!
  4. Post Pregnancy Recovery Tip #4: Leave the house. Yes, it might be petrifying to go out for the first time, but don’t let fear keep you locked in. If you do, you end up looking in the mirror three weeks later with that cheezel you lost a week ago, smelling like something similar to your babies’ nappy contents and in the same clothes as you wore when your parents visited in the first week.

Moral of the story, even if you feel like the world revolves around your baby now- you too are important, and taking care of you is equally important. If you fall, who will be there for your baby? Dad? – well yes, but the baby ends up tied to a remote control car being driven around the house. Who wants that!

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