May 15, 2018 3 min read

I wish four years ago there was a Post Baby Programout there for me. I remember having my first child, and amongst the feelings of nausea, soreness and the inability to walk, I wanted so badly to be one of those mums you see on Instagram hours after the birth with this post-baby body. Their Post Baby Programcertainly worked. We all know the fantasy of ‘Hollywood’ mothers bouncing back Post Baby Program, but the reality is, its filtered, cropped, angled and misleading. If you add abdominal separation into the mix of the wonderful things we have to endure as mothers, we certainly won't be able to bounce back Kardashian style.

The only Post Baby Programthat I know works; especially when we have abdominal separation is the No Mummy Tummy program. Having undertaken the training for this program, I got to work with some of the most amazing mums. Their hearts were so pure and sweet, but they too were looking for a Post Baby Programthat actually worked.

I remember sitting down with two of the mothers. They had tried most Post Baby Programout there. They had spent hundreds on personal trainers, gym memberships, specific ‘mummy friendly’ classes for post-pregnancy, pilates, exhaustive training routines but still pined for the body that they could be proud of. I went through the initial consultation with them, and they could not believe some of the results we had seen from the NMT Post Baby Program.

Two of my case studies had quite large diastasis recti separation. On the initial consultation, mother (A) had 21cm separation. She described her belly as ‘exposed’ and podgy. Throughout her Post Baby Programwith NMT, she decreased her separation down to 10.5! Whilst not all results are this amazing, or quick, she was so dedicated to her program, I wasn’t surprised by her Post Baby Programresults.

Mother (B) measured the separation of 19cm when she started. She dropped to an amazing 9.5 by the end of her Post Baby Program.

The technique used in the No Mummy Tummy Post Baby Programis the Tupler Technique. This technique treats the underlying issue; the separation itself. The technique teachers clients to move safely, wear a diastasis safe splint, an exercise in a safe manner and protect and strengthen the core. The Post Baby Programis the only one in Australia certified by the Tupler Technique and ensures all four steps of the program assist in the prevention or possible reduction of a diastasis recti.

To reduce a Diastasis Recti, we need first to strengthen the core. How? By completing a pre or post pregnancy Post Baby Program.

Our Post Baby Programin Adelaide are led by trainers who will teach you how to implement the 4-step Post Baby Program. The 4-step Post Baby Programincludes wearing a diastasis splint (not a compression bandage or abdominal binder), strengthening and protecting the connective tissue, moving around safety and including exercises which are diastasis safe. The Post Baby Programis completed over nine weeks, with clients undertaking the program until their diastasis has closed. If you have a diastasis and want to find out how to reduce tummy, speak to our head office on 1300 217 372 or visit for more information.