February 01, 2018 2 min read

Are you looking for a way to stay fit throughout your pregnancy and beyond? Post and Pre-Pregnancy Fitness Classes at No Mummy Tummy will ensure you exercise in a safe manner, protect and strengthen your core correctly and enjoy classes with your baby. 

Sometimes it is hard to find Post and Pre-Pregnancy Fitness Classes that allow you to bring your baby, but No Mummy Tummy’s Post and Pre-Pregnancy Fitness Classes are all-inclusive. We ensure you feel comfortable and safe when you work out. 

Our classes are run by certified and experienced Diastasis Recti Trainers who guide you through a class aimed at gently toning and strengthening your core. We don’t just work your core. To ensure your body is completely conditioned to protect your abdominals (whether you are pre or post pregnancy) we focus on an all body workout. Focus on each muscle of the body (glutes, legs, arms and upper body. It aims to encourage muscular conditioning, toning and strength. 

These classes are perfect for women who are:

  • Pregnant.
  • Post Partum - from 6 weeks after birth or 10 weeks after C-section.
  • Mum’s with a Diastasis Recti or pelvic floor incontinence.
  • Any mum who wants to strengthen their core and flatten their tummy - no matter how old your children are.
  • Aged between 20 and 65 

Post and Pre-Pregnancy Fitness Classes at No Mummy Tummy are one of the only diastasis safe and certified classes which are specifically designed to protect and strengthen your core. Our Trainers have been trained in Diastasis Rectiand are qualified Fitness Instructors. All of our Trainers have had children of their own; many with a Diastasis themselves. 

Many Post and Pre-Pregnancy Fitness Classes are run by instructors who are not properly trained in the area of Diastasis Recti. Ensure you are under the proper care when researching Post and Pre-Pregnancy Fitness Classes and find a professional trained in Diastasis Recti. This way you will be supported, guided and properly informed on how to treat, correct and protect it.

Our Trainers are more than happy to consult with you if you are unsure if you have one and complete a No Mummy Tummy Belly check. Alternatively, you may like to attend one of our NMT Seminars. For the latest listing of times and dates, please visit our website, www.nomummytummy.com.au

If you are looking for Post and Pre-Pregnancy Fitness Classes we run our classes from Aleenta Barre studios in Adelaide; Burnside, Glenelg and Mawson Lakes. For further information Post and Pre-Pregnancy Fitness Classes and times run at each studio, visit www.nomummytummy.com.au or contact the head office team on 1300 217 372