Peeing Pants

Peeing Pants

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you were peeing pants? I have, and I can tell you it is more common than you think. Other than the time that my waters broke and I found myself continually peeing pants from the moment I stepped out of my car all the way into the hospital (thank goodness I wore black pants, and it was dark!) I too have been caught peeing pants.

So here is my peeing pants story. I took part in an 8-week challenge at a local gym. It was testing day, and I was the last on my team to take it. It was HITT training, 1 minute on, 20 seconds off. So there I was, with five teammates screaming at me, while I quickly scrambled from burpees to skipping. While my work experience boss was yelling at me, I started skipping. There it was, my uncontrollable, weak pelvic floor not able to hold it in, I was peeing pants. I pleaded with him to make me do anything else, and he just screamed at me “don’t be weaklings, sucks it up, princess.” It kept happening, and the trickle was getting stronger. I ended up screaming at him “I have two kids dude, I am currently peeing pants!” His face was priceless. Mine was embarrassed. However, I laughed it off but decided to do something about it.

If you have experienced peeing pants, you are not alone, and firstly, welcome to the club. While this is not the kind of club you want to be invited into, there is something you can do about it.

Peeing pants is a side effect of a weak pelvic floor. A weak pelvic floor can result from birth or incorrect pushing. A weak pelvic floor can also result in a pelvic floor prolapse which can cause peeing pants and other side effects.

You probably either belong to one of two groups. You either identify with the above story and want to do something about peeing pants, or you are horrified by the story above and want to do something to prevent it. Either way, we have pre and post pregnancy programs suitable.

The nine-week programs will ensure you can protect and strength your connective tissue from the stretch and intra-abdominal force, move safely, exercise properly and effectively and wear the diastasis splint to take away to stretch to the muscles.

To find out more about my story (that is probably TMI right there) or any of the success stories, please contact head office on 1300 217 372 or send an email to