March 30, 2018 3 min read

I’ve had two children. I am a Fitness Professional and Personal Trainer and have lost 30kg along the way, but I remember the Mummy Tummy all too well. Whilst I was lucky to have carried small (one was premature) I remember vividly looking down after my children were born and saw a podgy, squishy Mummy Tummy. I had seen other celebrity mothers (yep- there is my first mistake) on Instagram bounce back after three days and appear to have a flat belly. I remember thinking, why did I deserve this Mummy Tummy I was looking down at. My Mummy Tummy stuck around for a while, at least until I lost all my weight + more. But for some women, it doesn’t go away- despite the countless kilo’s you lose, or how much exercise you do; the Mummy Tummy might never go away.

If you have a Mummy Tummy odds on you, have tried everything. Pilates, binders, weight loss, extreme diets, crunches, planks, sit-ups, pilates 100’s, running, cardio or even surgery (cringe!) Well, if you have done these exercises on a regular basis, I am going to burst your bubble. You're actually making your Mummy Tummy worse!
Here’s why.
You are probably incorporating three fundamental NO NO’S into your exercise which is creating more of a stretch onto the connective tissue- thus making your Mummy Tummy larger.

1. Mummy Tummy No No #1:
a. You're splaying your ribs. This action will stretch the top abdominal walls and create a further and deeper stretch to the connective tissue, making your Mummy Tummy bigger. Example: cat cow breaths, up dogs.

2. Mummy Tummy No No #2:
a. You are creating intra-abdominal force onto the connective tissue. This will put pressure on the rectus abdominus and connective tissue and pull them further apart. Imagine doing exercise pregnant with all that weight bearing down on your connective tissue. Now it probably makes sense why you have a Mummy Tummy. Example: Planks!!

3. Mummy Tummy No No #3:
a. Shearing movements. This movement will shear open the recti walls and stretch the connective tissue. It is impossible to hold your transverse into the spine when doing any of these movements. Example: Crunches, sit-ups.

Now that we have identified three ways which we could make your Mummy Tummy worse, I want to assure you that there are plenty of exercises to ensure you don’t create or make a Mummy Tummy larger. In the beginning, it might seem restrictive, but this is your time to get creative!! Use props such as a pilates ball, light weights (or for the gym buffs – heavy ones), therabands or even your kids!

So here are some exercises to prevent any further stretch on your Mummy Tummy.
- Lunges, crab walks, kettlebell swings, theraband arm exercises, bike riding, walking, running, skipping, side planks, squats.

I could seriously go on for a long time giving you a list of what could be achieved by eliminating those three elements. So if you want some inspiration, guidance or support to return to exercise, Aleenta Barre do hold MumCore classes where exercise is incorporated safely into your routine.

Whether you are expecting or had your babies, No Mummy Tummy’s MumCore classes or pre and post pregnancy programs are suitable for all!
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