How to Reduce Tummy

How to Reduce Tummy

If you are reading this blog and you want to find out how to reduce tummy, and you are certain that it isn’t just a food baby, then this blog will help. If you have a food baby and want to find out how to reduce tummy, I suggest you search for; ‘how to stop bloating.’

Now that we have the right audience reading this blog let's find out how to reduce tummy. If you are a mum and experienced abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti) you probably have that niggling ‘pooch’ tummy that you can not get rid of, no matter what you try. This was the dilemma of the owner of No Mummy Tummy.

Despite trying everything, she was unable to shake her tummy. She had tried pilates classes, HITT classes, yoga, planks, push-ups, crunches, bicycles but her tummy remained. She endlessly googled ‘how to reduce tummy’ and was almost convinced that surgery was her only option. This is when she found the Tupler Technique. This technique not only identified what had plagued her for all those years (abdominal separation) but taught her how to correct it medically- without surgery.

This technique taught her that everything she was trying wasn’t working because it was not treating the underlying issue; the separation itself. This technique taught her how to reduce tummy with safe movement, splint wearing, exercising safely and how to protect and strengthen the core.

So how do you reduce tummy size and distance between your recti abdominus muscles? Well, first we must find out what the distance is. This plays an integral part in how what and when you can exercise. Imagine the recti muscles as long walls of tissue. Diastasis recti measuring more than four centimetres will flare out compared to a diastasis which is less than four centimetres; this recti wall will close inwards. Any force placed on the connective tissue and recti abdominus will stretch the connective tissue making the gap larger.

So how to reduce tummy. Here are three key movements to avoid:

  1. ere aMovements or exercise that flares the ribs. An example of this may be yoga; an up dog or sphinx pose. This movement stretches the connective tissue and flares the top of the abdominals open.
  2. Any intra-abdominal force. Particularly when your baby is getting bigger, heavier and more force is placed on the connective tissue; any intra-abdominal force will be stretching the connective tissue making it larger. To clarify, any cat cow, down-dog, plank or push up will be applying force to the connective tissue.
  3. Avoiding the crossover movement, for example, the bicycle oblique crunches. These open and create a shearing movement for the recti abdominus which do not allow the transverse to be held at the spine. Any movement where the shoulders come off the floor, it is impossible to hold the transverse at the spine.

While this advice is helpful, how to reduce tummy after one, two or multiple births? We need first to strengthen the core. How? By completing a pre or post pregnancy diastasis safe program.

Our Pregnancy Programs in Adelaide are led by trainers who will teach you how to implement the 4-step program. The 4-step program includes wearing a diastasis splint (not a compression bandage or abdominal binder), strengthening and protecting the connective tissue, moving around safety and including exercises which are diastasis safe. The program is completed over nine weeks, with clients undertaking the program until their diastasis has closed. If you have a diastasis and want to find out how to reduce tummy, speak to our head office on 1300 217 372 or visit for more information.