August 21, 2018 2 min read

This is probably going to be the most informative blog I have ever done. I’m not only going to help you Find Tupler Technique Trainer,but I’m going to tell you about them! I have had the pleasure of working alongside these women, who are both mums and amazingly dedicated trainers to their clients.

Firstly, if you want to Find Tupler Technique Trainerin South Australia, you can not go past reaching out to Clair Holmes; Trainer in SA and also a qualified Barre Instructor for Aleenta Barre. She has an amazing Jazz and Tap background and also an amazingly cute son who keeps her on her toes. Literally. She is such a smart, intelligent trainer who will ensure you are supported, motivated and generally guided through the No Mummy Tummy Trainings and programs. You will probably wish it didn’t stop at nine weeks and just kept going.

I was lucky enough to work alongside her, and I can tell you she is brilliant. Business savvy, dedicated and just wants you to be confident and happy in your body. She has been a Barre Instructor for over two years now, and if you need a motivated fitness instructor or are looking to Find Tupler Technique Trainer,she is your go-to for this program and more.

Now, if you live in Melbourne- you need to google or Find Tupler Technique TrainerClaire Bastow. She is the Master Trainer for No Mummy Tummy and has directly worked under Julie Tupler herself. She is amazingly qualified to assist you through this journey of self-discovery and is a nurturing soul throughout.

With her plan to have three children, she too was on the hunt to Find Tupler Technique Trainer.She was ultimately shocked that there were no adequately trained health professionals that knew about Diastasis Recti or how to properly treat it. So, with her business partner, she formed No Mummy Tummy. A program to help your separation heal through a non-invasive program, which would treat the underlying issues of Diastasis Recti and not mask the symptoms.

So, now that you are probably reaching for your computer and wanting to work with these women due to their brilliance and plan amazing abilities to help you; how do you Find Tupler Technique Trainer?In Adelaide, if you believe you have Diastasis Recti, you can contact No Mummy Tummy and book in to attend a seminar or Tummy Check.

At one of the Diastasis Recti seminars, support and options are discussed to provide you with the opportunity to decrease any abdominal separation and reverse weak abs after baby. If you exercise with a Diastasis Recti, it can often make the gap between your recti muscles larger and symptoms such as lower back pain or peeing pants get worse. If you are interested in getting your separation checked, please sign up online or contact the head office team to book your check today. Diastasis Recti programs will be conducted by either Claire or Clair (confusing I know). So Find Tupler Technique Trainertoday!

If you have any questions on what Diastasis Recti is, or where to receive treatment, please contact us on 1300 217 372 or email