August 08, 2018 2 min read

I am going to paint a picture for you, as I once asked this question following my children. I asked a health professional what Exercises To Fix Diastasis RectiI could do to ensure I was losing weight around my belly and also reducing the size of my bulge. The answer was “any exercise that targets your stomach that you are not directly pushing out your stomach, and are able to hold it in”…..” things like a crunch, a sit up, and exercises where you are lying down. Cool! So, off I went. I bought a sweat compression binder (ones that make you sweat, but are virtually just made up of a solution of petroleum jelly), and off I went to the gym. Now granted I didn’t just stick to Exercises To Fix Diastasis Rectithat had been recommended to me. I incorporated planks, scissors, yoga, toe taps and almost all of the shearing movements I know now not to do! 

I was doing all of the wrong Exercises To Fix Diastasis Recti.I was doing the complete opposite. I was creating more of a diastasis than previously and ensuring that I would never have that flat stomach that I so desired. (Although I did get mighty close). 

I know you are reading these wanting ways to complete Exercises To Fix Diastasis Recti.So that is what I am going to teach you.

So three key elements underpin any exercise. To ensure you do not sheer, flare or put force on the connective tissue of the diastasis recti. So where does that leave you?

  • Avoiding intra-abdominal force, Exercises To Fix Diastasis Rectiwould include
    • A plank on a wall (only when you know how to hold your transverse in on the working part of the movement)
    • Side plank; where the transverse does not provide pressure to the connective tissue or recti muscles
    • Hip dips; giving you the ability to hold in your transverse and maintain a straight spine.
  • Avoiding any movement which flares the ribs, Exercises To Fix Diastasis Rectiwould include:
    • Walking; whilst holding in your transverse
    • Riding a bike; as long as you are not seated upright or flaring your ribs
    • Any leg movement with a straight spine: lunges, squats, side planks
  • Avoiding any shearing movement such as a scissor movement, Exercises To Fix Diastasis Rectiwould include:
    • Theraband exercises with the arms
    • Seated wall sits; keeping the spine straight
    • The high knee’s running; a great one to burn calories and not move or sheer the ribs.

I could seriously go on for a long time giving you a list of what could be achieved by eliminating undertaking proper Exercises To Fix Diastasis Recti. So if you want some inspiration, guidance or support to return to exercise, Aleenta Barre hold MumCore classes where exercise is incorporated safely into your routine. Alternatively, you can complete the nine-week trainer-led program where the lead trainer teaches you how to exercise in a diastasis safe manner properly.

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