February 15, 2018 3 min read

With the amount of information present on the web, we can pick from any YouTube video, blog article or class to undertake exercises to correct diastasis recti. But what exercises to correct diastasis recti are actually proven to treat the underlying medical condition of diastasis recti?

Without giving away our treatment plan or program, I am going to share some do’s and don’ts of exercises to correct diastasis recti.

So three key elements underpin the DON’T when completing any exercises to correct diastasis recti.These are:

  • To avoid any intra-abdominal force on the connective tissue (linea alba).
    • So what exercises to correct diastasis rectiprovide intra-abdominal force? As I am a fitness professional, I am going to use the example of the Aleenta Barre classes I teach. For any pregnancy woman completing my class, I do not get them to complete any yoga, pilates or ballet where they are leaning over. Exercises such as a cat cow would not be suitable as the baby and organs bear down on the connective tissue making it larger and stretched. A bird dog from pilates would be another example of something to avoid, as the baby is pressing on the connective tissue.
  • To avoid any movement which flares the rib cage; thus stretching open the connective tissue.
    • So what exercises to correct diastasis recti providea stretch to the connective tissue. The two prime examples I like to use are an up-dog from yoga and swimming. Each of these activities flares the ribs and make it impossible to hold the transverse to the spine which is integral to the treatment and protection of the connective tissue.
  • Thirdly any shearing movement where walls of the rectus abdominus are sheared open- stretching the connective tissue.
    • So what exercises to correct diastasis recticreate such a stretch? Crunches! If you have ever been in a class where the professional fitness states that to fix any separation you should do sit-ups and crunches- my advice is run! You will not be able to treat or lessen a diastasis recti with any form of sit up or crunch, as this is the most severe exercise which puts enormous amounts of tension and stretches on the connective tissue.

Now that we have identified three ways which we could make a diastasis worse, I want to assure you that there are plenty of exercises to correct diastasis recti.With the don’ts clearly states, think of absolutely any exercises you have done before where you don’t crunch, shear, fold forward or flare the ribs. These are perfectly suitable to undertake as exercises to correct diastasis recti.In the beginning, it might seem restrictive, but this is your time to get creative!! Use props such as a pilates ball, light weights (or for the gym buffs – heavy ones), therabands or even your kids!

So here are some exercises to correct diastasis recti.

  • Lunges, crab walks, kettlebell swings, theraband arm exercises, bike riding, walking, running, skipping, side planks, squats.

I could seriously go on for a long time giving you a list of what could be achieved by eliminating those three elements. So if you want some inspiration, guidance or support to return to exercise, Aleenta Barre do hold MumCore classes where exercise is incorporated safely into your routine.

Whether you are expecting or had your babies, No Mummy Tummy’s MumCore classes are suitable for all!

If you would like any further information on exercises to correct diastasis recti,please contact NMT’s head office on 1300 217 372 or send them an email to hello@nomummytummy.com.au