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I know this term,‘Divarication of recti repair’ sounds really fancy but it means the separation of the recti muscles. The only known solution to a Divarication of recti repair was to have surgery to correct the ‘podgy’ or bulgy appearance of the stomach.

As seen in the image below, the recti muscles are the muscles which run from the top of the rib cage to the pelvis. They are held together by a sheath called linea alba or connective tissue. This connective tissue is what may stretch during pregnancy and birth creating a Divarication of recti repair.The transverse muscle (running from the spine, wrapping around the body like a corset) bring the recti muscles together when strengthened. Specific exercises strengthening the transverse may reduce the Divarication of recti repairas found in the results program at No Mummy Tummy. Whilst surgery was seen as the only option; No Mummy Tummy is now the only Tupler Technique program in Australia which treats (not masks) the underlying medical condition of Divarication of recti repair through their four-step program.

Many women will experience growth, and thus Divarication of recti repair of the abdominal muscles as their baby and uterus grows. This is caused by the muscle relaxant hormones; progesterone and relaxin which are produced through pregnancy. This is not the only way you can have Divarication of recti repair. It can also occur through long-term strain on the abdominal wall. Exercise through youth can result. Sports such as gymnastics, yoga, swimming can also result- either through childhood or even adulthood. The Divarication of recti repaircan be checked by a post-natal physiotherapist or trained post-natal specialist (No Mummy Tummy Trainer) who will offer treatment plans, programs or advice on supporting you through treatment to decrease the separation.

If you are looking to have Divarication of recti repairon your connective tissue, you have probably spent the last few google searches trying to find an alternative to surgery. Divarication of recti repairdoes not have to involve surgery, although right now in the allied health field this seems like one of the only accessible options for Diastasis Recti Repair.

No Mummy Tummy was started to give women with a Diastasis an alternative to surgery and fix it with educated steps to reduce the size of their diastasis without resulting to major abdominal surgery. As an alternative to Divarication of recti repair, No Mummy Tummy utilises the four fundamental steps to Divarication of recti repairusing proper movement, splint wearing, doing exercises safely and promptly and protecting and strengthening the transverse muscle.

For more information about Divarication of recti repair, Trainer led consults, group classes or programs, please contact the No Mummy Tummy Team on 1300 217 372 or send an email to nomummytummy.com.au

Divarication Of Recti Repair