Diastasis Surgery in Adelaide

Diastasis Surgery in Adelaide

Surgery is such a harsh word, and for a good reason. Any type of surgery can be invasive, expensive and have a large recovery and rehabilitation period attached to it; after all of the pain, you have to ensure going through it. It is not cheap and often amounts to extra costs for anesthesiologists, doctors, nurse consults and months even years of recovery. This biggest turn off to surgery is the rehabilitation and side effects which may result. Then there is Diastasis Surgery in Adelaide. There is no guarantee with this type of surgery either, and no guarantee that the Diastasis Surgery in Adelaide will even ‘fix’ the problem. Up until recently, women in Adelaide (and the whole of Australia) believed that Diastasis Surgery in Adelaide was the only option for fixing a podgy or separated recti muscles. There was no knowledge around alternatives (much less natural, less invasive methods).

I do feel bad for all the mothers I have spoken to through my journey of being an allied health and fitness blogger. I have so many stories of women who have had Diastasis Surgery in Adelaide. They have been happy with it- but most still complain of the complications of the surgery, the side effects and the continuing side effects to the separation itself. These women were not educated on alternative methods and told there was an alternative to Diastasis Surgery in Adelaide. I feel sorry for their investment, not only because it costs so much to undergo, but for the treatment, they will continue to seek for back pain, pelvic incompetence, abdominal weakness and a weakened core. They will still be seeking treatment for all of these ailments when they could have fixed it with one treatment program. It needs to be widely known that there is an alternative to Diastasis Surgery in Adelaide and it costs three times less (maybe more) than Diastasis Surgery in Adelaide, is less invasive, and can assist with secondary symptoms and side effects of a Diastasis Recti.

Surgery is not always the answer, and treating the underlying medical condition can alleviate more than one problem. So what is this magical cure? Well, its certainly not magic, and it’s certainly no quick fix. There is some dedication involved in completing daily exercises and a nine-week, trainer-led program. However, the results tend to be nothing less than amazing, and ultimately avoid Diastasis Surgery in Adelaide.    

This program or rehab for the tummy muscles helps to protect and strengthen the recti muscles. This is done in four steps:

  1. Exercising safely
  2. Wearing the diastasis splint
  3. Protecting and strengthening the core
  4. Moving diastasis safe

By using the above four steps, women can heal their stretched connective tissue, learn to protect it by wearing a diastasis approved splint and move and exercise in a safe manner. This would illuminate the need for Diastasis Surgery in Adelaide!

So before you reach for your surgeon's number and book in a Diastasis Surgery in Adelaide, consider treating the underlying issue- the stretched and separated connective tissue. No Mummy Tummy is one of the leading Diastasis Recti treatment programs in Australia.

The No Mummy Tummy Programs are suitable for pregnant and post-pregnant women. Even if you have been told there is no other option but Diastasis Surgery in Adelaide - please call us for more information about Diastasis Surgery in Adelaide, Trainer led consults, group classes or programs. They can be contacted on 1300 217 372