Diastasis Recti Solutions

Diastasis Recti Solutions

Let me reassure you right here, right now. Diastasis Recti is more common than you think. We should not be ashamed of it, nor quiet about it as it happens to many of us. For many women who have had only one baby, the risk of developing a diastasis recti is about 33%. With twins or two babies, the likelihood rises to 66%, and with three or more children approximately 100% of women will have one.   

One of the biggest statistics I focus on is the number of women that have all of the signs but no idea what a diastasis recti is, or the diastasis recti solutions to treat it.

Let's get straight to the point. What are some of the diastasis recti solutions available? Well, surprisingly (given a large number of women who may develop diastasis recti) there are not many diastasis recti solutions out there. Shocking I know! Most widely known, and probably googled, are exercises to treat diastasis recti or surgery.

I don’t want to burst any one's bubble here, but neither will actually treat the underlying medical condition of diastasis recti. In fact, exercise may hinder your ability to decrease your abdominal separation or close it at all. In terms of following the surgical path, this type of treatment is invasive, costly and will not correct the deep stretch of the connective tissue or close the gap between your recti muscles. Surgery may just remove some skin and leave you with a huge scar- with the diastasis recti still there. This may cause issues down the track for your lower back, pelvic floor, abdominal muscles which have been cut through surgery and any side effects from the surgery itself. I am certainly not saying surgery is not viable in some cases, but for diastasis recti solutions- I would explore proper, medically proven treatment such as the No Mummy Tummy Program, backed by the Tupler Technique.

Diastasis recti solutions should involve the treatment of the medical condition itself. The most effective diastasis recti solutions are aimed at taking the stretch off the connective tissue, positioning and protecting the connective tissue through proper splint wearing and the knowledge to move and exercise in a safe and time appropriate manner. Any treatment package where this is not properly completed, will hinder the rehabilitation of the connective tissue and prolong recovery.

So you came here to read this blog as it provides an answer to a question you have been searching for, for a while. Diastasis Recti solutions. Whilst I have told you what is needed to be done to reduce a diastasis recti, you are still left wondering HOW you do it.

The No Mummy Tummy program. Using the Tupler Technique, the No Mummy Tummy program is one of the only diastasis recti solutions found in Australia which utilise all four principles of treating the diastasis itself.

No Mummy Tummy’s Diastasis Recti solutions involve a four-part process which will strengthen your transverse muscles and heal the connective tissue that joins the recti abdominus muscles together. By strengthening the connective tissue, we can reduce the separation of the muscles. Diastasis recti treatment is about positioning and protecting the weakened connective tissue.

A key part of Diastasis recti solutions is the positioning of the recti muscles; taking off the stretch from the connective tissue. This is done by using the abdominal splint provided with the No Mummy Tummy program. The diastasis is worn 24/7 (except when bathing) to ensure that it is positioned properly to allow the healing process to continue even when we are continuing our daily activity.

Protection of the muscles is another key diastasis recti solutions which are integral to the program, and ultimately the reduction in your diastasis recti separation. To reduce the stretch of the connective tissue, we must ensure we stop activities which put a stretch on the connective tissue; particularly in a forward or sideways direction.

As you can see, there are various options of Diastasis recti treatment which can assist you in finding Diastasis recti solutions. Remembering that exercise alone will not treat your diastasis recti. Our No Mummy Tummy programs can help to reduce or eliminate any chance of getting a Diastasis Recti. We have Diastasis Recti treatment programs suitable for pre and post-pregnant women.

You can start any No Mummy Tummy diastasis recti treatment program at any age, regardless of when you had your children.

If you have any questions on what Diastasis recti treatment No Mummy Tummy could provide to assist with the reduction of your diastasis recti, please contact us on 1300 217 372 or email