August 07, 2018 2 min read

Apart from the amazing shopping, amazing restaurants, and the fantastic feel, Melbourne has to offer; it also has one integral thing. The Master Trainer for Diastasis Recti Program Melbourne.Whilst No Mummy Tummy was born and created in Adelaide, Diastasis Recti Program Melbournehas grown, purely because of the reputation of the Master Trainer of Diastasis Recti; residing in Melbourne. Claire Bastow, along with her business partner, Kylie Roberts, has created one of the most clinically backed programs from the U.S. This program provides women with an alternative to surgery. Diastasis Recti Program Melbourneis a nine-week Trainer-Led rehabilitation program for women who are pregnant or had babies and experienced any or all of the following symptoms:

  • Podgy tummy after baby
  • sticky outie belly button
  • frequent participation as a child (or adult) dancing, swimming, golf, gymnastics or yoga
  • have had 2 or more children - 33% of women have Diastasis Recti with their first, 66% with their second and 100% with their third.
  • twins or multiple births
  • sometimes or frequently peeing pants
  • carried very large during your pregnancy
  • showed very early in your subsequent pregnancy

No Mummy Tummy is one of the only programs in Diastasis Recti Program Melbournewho provide pre-and post-natal care for mums in the area of Diastasis Recti and all of the associated symptoms that you can experience when having a baby.  The Diastasis Recti Program Melbourneis held over nine weeks to ensure you strengthen your core, reduce the likelihood of abdominal separation or reduce the risk of complications in birth such as C-sections, abdominal surgery or hernias. Whilst the program is designed over nine-weeks, the rehabilitation of your abdominal muscles might continue post program, and Claire; Master Trainer is there to support you through your journey.

At the Diastasis Recti Program MelbourneTummy Checks or Seminars, Claire provides information about Diastasis and what it is. She can provide you with available options to be able to decrease any abdominal separation and reverse weak abs after baby. Testing for Diastasis Recti Program Melbournewill educate you on what Diastasis Recti is, and how to treat it. We can’t just treat it with exercise. Exercising with a Diastasis Recti often makes the gap between your recti muscles larger and symptoms such as lower back pain or peeing pants worse.

The Diastasis Recti Program Melbourneare led by trainers who teach you how to implement the 4-step program. The 4-step program includes wearing a diastasis splint (not a compression bandage or abdominal binder), strengthening and protecting the connective tissue, moving around safety and including exercises which are diastasis safe.

To speak with Claire, the Master Trainer for the Diastasis Recti Program Melbourne sign up online or send her an email at

If you would like more information on testing for Diastasis Recti Program Melbourneor any of our Pregnancy Programs to visit or contact the head office team on 1300 217 372