Diastasis Recti Exercise Video

Diastasis Recti Exercise Video

I am such a visual person. I love watching videos and educational clips of things I need to learn. It gives me more context, position and understanding of the subject matter, and watching a Diastasis Recti Exercise Video is no exception. When I was going through my study, I watched all of the Diastasis Recti Exercise Video which was included in the nine-week, trainer-led the program for No Mummy Tummy. I can read anything, and most likely I won't retain it- but having the Diastasis Recti Exercise Video to help me was amazing. I learned how to use the four-step program, how to exercise safely and how to move properly (much of which I was doing all wrong!)

The Diastasis Recti Exercise Video comes in the 4-step program. The 4-step program includes wearing a diastasis splint (not a compression bandage or abdominal binder), strengthening and protecting the connective tissue, moving around safety and including exercises which are diastasis safe. Whilst this might seem overwhelming, the videos will guide you, show you and provide a reference point to be able to navigate this program easily and successfully.

The programs are trainer-led, but it is helpful to have the Diastasis Recti Exercise Video to guide you. I remember having my first client who underwent my pilot training with me. I met her for her second consult and asked her, “have you read your booklet?” She just laughed and said she lost it. I gave her the link to the Diastasis Recti Exercise Video and bookmarked all the relevant sections in the video. She was amazing with her video and did the exercises with her Diastasis Recti Exercise Video every day. She said it was easy to navigate with all the reference points and she actually found it helpful to play the Diastasis Recti Exercise Video as she did her ‘homework.’

A key part of the program is the constant exercises throughout the day, week and the nine-week program. For some mothers, the exercises may continue for years. It helps to have someone (even if it is just the instructor from the Tupler Technique) doing it with you!

I have included in this blog, two reviews which I believe are a testament to not only the training you receive in the program but also the success of the Diastasis Recti Exercise Video. It has helped these women navigate the program, be motivated when exercising this way may not be, and continue with the program until results have been noticed.

Client Review 1:

Client Review 2:

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The No Mummy Tummy Programs are suitable for pregnant and post-pregnant women.

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