Diastasis Recti Correction Surgery

Diastasis Recti Correction Surgery

I'm telling you to stop right there! Don’t google ‘diastasis recti correction surgery’ anymore. There is another alternative to diastasis recti correction surgery. Surgery has long been the only alternative if your ‘mummy tummy’ will just not budge. If you find yourself experiencing post-baby body complications like pelvic floor incontinence, back pain or a podgy tummy you might have been through everything to try and correct it yourself.

(I’m going to sound like Superman here but) – Never fear- No Mummy Tummy is here! I want to add some drama to this because this program is a dream for so many women who do not want to risk surgery, the healing process and major risks associated with such invasive diastasis recti correction surgery. There really hasn’t been a program like this in Australia before, and it is not widely known! Allied Health and Medical Practitioners are unaware of such leading medical correction programs such as No Mummy Tummy, and quite frankly it is sad. Sad that not only do women not know about it- but so many women could have been helped to achieve that flatter tummy, less associated complications and be living a pain-free, happy, self-confident life!

I really want to let you know that diastasis recti correction surgery is NOT the only option. There is a far less invasive solution. Cue- No Mummy Tummy. No Mummy Tummy was founded by mums, who were looking down the path of diastasis recti correction surgery. The search for alternatives led her to a clinically backed program from the U.S called the Tupler Technique. Teaming up with Master Trainer and owner, No Mummy Tummy was born.

No Mummy Tummy was started to give women with a Diastasis an alternative to diastasis recti correction surgery and fix it with educated steps to reduce the size of their diastasis without resulting to major abdominal surgery. As an alternative to diastasis recti correction surgery, No Mummy Tummy utilises the four fundamental steps to Diastasis Recti Repair using proper movement, splint wearing, doing exercises safely and promptly and protecting and strengthening the transverse muscle.

The positioning of the connective tissue through splint wearing puts the connective tissue in a better “position” to heal as it takes the “stretch” off the “over-stretched” connective tissue, making it narrower. Wearing the splint for up to twenty-four hours, seven days a week will assist in Diastasis Recti Repair and bring the recti muscles closer together. Isn’t this better than going through the preparation, recovery and rehabilitation of diastasis recti correction surgery?!
As you can see, there are various options of Diastasis recti treatment other than diastasis recti correction surgery which can assist you in the reduction of your diastasis recti. Remembering that exercise, surgery or moving safely will not treat your diastasis recti.

Diastasis Recti is a medical condition and thus needs to be treated this way. Our No Mummy Tummy programs can help to reduce or eliminate any chance of getting a Diastasis Recti. We have Diastasis Recti treatment programs suitable for pre and post-pregnant women. You can start any No Mummy Tummy diastasis recti treatment program at any age, regardless of when you had your children. There is another option other than diastasis recti correction surgery- and its No Mummy Tummy. Own your body and get back to feeling empowered, self-confident and amazing!

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