March 30, 2018 3 min read

Diastasis Recti. Sounds serious, doesn’t it!? It’s a medical condition, and yes, can result in some unpleasant, unwanted side effects; pre and post-baby that no mother wants to endure. I am here to explain it, expel the myths about it, and put your mind at ease that there is something you can do about Diastasis Recti.

Diastasis Recti can affect 33% of women who have had a baby, 66% who have had two babies and almost 100% of women who have three or more babies. So what is Diastasis Recti? In the simple terms, look down at your belly. Can you identify with any of the following symptoms:
• Soft podgy tummy
• Sticky outie belly button (yep – you have abdominal separation for sure)
• Frequent participation as a child (or adult) dancing, swimming, golf, gymnastics or yoga
• Have had 2 or more children - 33% of women have Diastasis Recti with their first, 66% with their second and 100% with their third.
• Twins or multiple births
• sometimes you pee your pants
• carried very large during your pregnancy
• Showed very early in your subsequent pregnancy
• Lower back pain after or during exercise or lifting

If you said yes to some of the above symptoms, you might have Diastasis Recti. Diastasis Recti is the weakening of the connective tissue which holds the rectus abdominus together. The linea alba is stretched, resulting in weakened connective tissue which can lead to secondary issues. This weakening of the connective tissue makes it harder and in some cases almost impossible to hold your transverse muscle in when exercising or moving around. Diastasis Recti may occur when the baby grows, and increased pressure is placed on the connective tissue. Without protection or strength from your transverse muscle, other muscles in the body take over, such as the lower back, shoulders and even the pelvic floor.

Whilst treatment for Diastasis Recti was not widely known; many allied health practitioners would prescribe surgery as the only option. This is not the case. Backed by leading research, Diastasis Recti treatment is now in Australia and helping many women to reduce their separation, reduce their tummy sizes and correct secondary symptoms like lower back pain and pelvic floor issues.
The No Mummy Tummy Practitioners will provide the right information. Tell me if this sounds familiar. Your physiotherapist checked you in ONE spot after surgery and told you that you have a small Diastasis Recti. They tell you to do pilates, and yet, years down the track you still look down and see a podgy tummy, still continue to have pelvic floor incontinence, and your back pain increases with exercise. Sound familiar?? That is because we have been given the wrong information about how to fix a Diastasis Recti. The No Mummy Tummy program is a rehab program for the tummy muscles helps to protect and strengthen the connective tissue. This is done in four steps:
1. Exercising safely
2. Wearing the diastasis splint
3. Protecting and strengthening the core
4. Moving diastasis safe

By using the above four steps, women can heal their stretched connective tissue, learn to protect it by wearing a Diastasis Recti approved splint and move and exercise in a safe manner. If exercise or surgery is completed prior to the healing of the connective tissue women, risk further complications and may continue to experience the underlying complications of Diastasis Recti such as lower back pain, pelvic floor incompetence or hernias.

So before you receive the wrong information or reach for a surgeon's number book in a tummy check to check if you have Diastasis Recti, consider treating the underlying issue- the stretched and separated connective tissue. By naturally treating your Diastasis Recti, you may reduce your other symptoms and promote strength in your abdominal wall, particularly if you are looking to have more children.

No Mummy Tummy is one of the leading Diastasis Recti treatment programs in Australia. We treat pre (prevention), and post-pregnancy women through a nine-week one on one trainer led program. You will learn how to heal, protect, strengthen and move safely to ensure you do not have to investigate a Tummy tuck to fix Diastasis Recti.

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The No Mummy Tummy Programs are suitable for pregnant and post-pregnant women.

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