Can My Diastasis Re-Open once it’s closed? How long do I have to wear the splint?

Can My Diastasis Re-Open once it’s closed? How long do I have to wear the splint?

I get asked all the time “Can my Diastasis open again once it is closed?” Here is the bottom line: The answer is “’Yes”.

Let’s discuss information about Diastasis Recti, the healing process, and caring for a diastasis once it’s closed.

Just like wearing a cast for a broken bone, you must wear the splint all the time until the connective tissue is healed.  That means it has to be shallow. The shallow connective tissue is defined as less the 2cm depth when checking your diastasis. Having shallow connective tissue means the connective is strong.  Strong connective tissue can withstand force better than weak connective tissue.

When you have shallow connective tissue and the distance of the Diastasis is 1-2 fingers apart, you can stop wearing the splint. 

If your Diastasis is 4 fingers or wider when doing the exercises, the muscles will move sideways and further apart. That is why you have to wear the splint, especially while doing the exercises, to approximate the muscles and move them in the correct direction. Once you have closed the Diastasis and the muscles are no more than 2 fingers apart and the connective is shallow, you can stop wearing the splint. 

However, you should never stop doing the exercises entirely. Maintain the strength you have created by doing a few sets every day. It’s a lot easier to ‘maintain’ than ‘heal’. Also, you should redo the program with each pregnancy. 

You need transverse strength so you can use it during the activities of daily living and with every repetition when exercising.  Your transverse ‘awareness’ is also important. It’s essential to remember that you use your transverse with every move you make. Your awareness helps you to remember to use your abdominals correctly, so there is no force on your connective tissue. 

While you are healing your diastasis and after it’s healed, it’s important to remember not to do exercises where you can NOT hold in your transverse muscle. That is back lying with shoulders off the floor or when your back is arched and your ribs are flared. If you cannot hold in your transverse muscle when doing any exercise or sporting activity, avoid doing this.  This will put you at risk of stretching out your connective tissue and re-opening your diastasis. 

It is never too late to close a diastasis on anyone at any time. Closing a diastasis, however, is not an overnight process, but, if you follow the No Mummy Tummy program as designed, you will see the healing process beginning within three weeks!