Abdominal splints

Abdominal splints

I’m guilty of wearing one of these- but it wasn’t because I was pregnant. Abdominal splints or compression binders hold all the contents of our tummies in, making the illusion of a slimmer midsection. When you are pregnant, you may wear these to hide the bulge or even because you believe that these will shrink your tummy over time. Abdominal Splints can claim to do a variety of things. I’ve worn abdominal splints that contour the stomach to make it appear smaller, cinched at the waist to promote compression and shrinkage of the stomach. I have seen (and I actually have one) abdominal splints which promote sweating- to increase circulation, promote water loss and help weight loss) and finally those that claim to bring the abdominal walls of the recti muscles closer together, alleviating the stretch on the connective tissue.

In this blog, I want to talk about the later. Abdominal splints can even be purchased on eBay, but be wearing those splints sold by unreputable companies without certification or research behind them- these may be abdominal compression splints which compress the connective tissue and recti muscles backwards – a huge mistake if you are trying to heal and place the connective tissue in an unstretched position.

As part of the No Mummy Tummy programs, we require clients to wear a diastasis certified abdominal splint. The purpose of this particular splint is to position the connective tissue closer together to promote the healing process. It takes the stretch off the stretched connective tissue. This gives you more of an awareness of recti muscles, making them more effective when engaging your transverse muscles (the muscles that wrap around from the back to the front of the recti muscles). As mentioned above, other abdominal binders compress or bring the muscles back without you creating the strength to do it with the transverse yourself. 

As part of the No Mummy Tummy program, our abdominal splints are part of a four-part program- rather than sold as a stand-alone product. If you wore the splint, it would bring the walls of the recti muscles together and may assist in the healing of the connective tissue but as soon as you take off the splint the muscles will return to their original position without healing, protection or strength. You must utilise an abdominal splint with a rehabilitation program for the diastasis recti- otherwise, the pull on the connective tissue will remain or continue to get worse. 

The No Mummy Tummy program is a four-part program. The most suitable programs pre or post-pregnant mums. While we encourage you to wear the splint all the time (except when you shower/bathe), we also provide correction to the medical condition first; healing and correction of the connective tissue and recti muscles before educating you on the importance of safe movement, and how to protect and strengthen your core. The abdominal splint is an integral part of the program.

The No Mummy Tummy programs are suitable for pregnant and post-pregnant women. The abdominal splints are suitable for pregnant women from their second trimester and post-pregnant mums.

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