September 25, 2018 2 min read

I am sitting here talking about Abdominal Binders and about to go to the gym. Every day I put on my Abdominal Bindersand cover my stomach with a product called Sweet Sweat. It’s virtually petroleum jelly which increases the blood flow to the area covered and creates a thermal layer which increases sweating. Now besides the satisfaction you get opening it up after a work out to reveal drips of sweat, it feels good when you are exercising because it keeps your belly protected, tight and compressed.

I love to sweat through a workout, and these Abdominal Binders do make you sweat. While I am actually writing a blog to tell you about proper Abdominal Bindersand what they should be used for, let me premise this blog by saying; my methods are not the correct method to lose weight around your abdominal region, nor should they be used in the correction, treatment, and maintenance of the medical condition; Diastasis Recti.

I use it to sweat. But other than that, it’s not the proper Abdominal Binders to help your separation. For those Abdominal Binders,you should be using the certified Tupler Technique Abdominal Splint. This splint is a certified product of the No Mummy Tummy program and is proven to assist in the reduction of a Diastasis Recti. The medical condition where the connective tissue is stretched and the abdominal walls of the recti muscles have been stretched away from each other through exercise, youth, pregnancy or multi-births.

This separation needs to be treated by the No Mummy Tummy program, not an eBay Abdominal Binders. So now I have completely explained my disclaimer; let's explain the program a little bit more. There was probably a reason why you searched the term ‘Abdominal Binders.’

As part of the No Mummy Tummy program, the Abdominal Binders are part of a four-part program- rather than sold as a stand-alone product. If you wore the splint, it would bring the walls of the recti muscles together and may assist in the healing of the connective tissue but as soon as you take off the splint the muscles will return to their original position without healing, protection or strength. You must utilise an Abdominal Binders with a rehabilitation program for the diastasis recti- otherwise, the pull on the connective tissue will remain or continue to get worse.

The No Mummy Tummy program is a four-part program. The most suitable programs pre or post-pregnant mums. While they encourage you to wear the splint all the time (except when you shower/bath), they also provide correction to the medical condition first; healing and correction of the connective tissue and recti muscles before educating you on the importance of safe movement, and how to protect and strengthen your core. The Abdominal Binder is an integral part of the program.

The No Mummy Tummy programs are suitable for pregnant and post-pregnant women. The Abdominal Binders are suitable for pregnant women from their second trimester and post-pregnant mums.

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